How to use Squid of firefox


you are few step's away of using our Squid service on one of our servers.

our squid proxy will allow you to by pass block and access the web page with no issue.

please follow the instractions below.

download firefox on your PC or Mac

after downloading firefox and subscriping to our service follow the instructions on the pictures below.

Please note we are providing the service in diffrent location as follow

United State of America :

Netherlands :

Netherlands :

Germany :

Germany 2 :

Finland :

Romania :

Turky :

Saudi Arabia 1 :

Saudi Arabia 2 :

Saudi Arabia 3 :

Saudi Arabia 4 :

Singapore :

United State : - none school

choose the server you would like to use depending on your location

once you login you are ready to brows the all webpages from any where in the world.

if you have an issue or you need support please let us know we are here to help by whatsapp +447766777161

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